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Lobras is a small town nestled in the heart of La Alpujarra Granadina, on the southern slopes of Sierra Nevada, at 930 meters altitude and near the Guadalfeo River.

It is extended at the back of a mountainside overlooking Sierra Nevada and Sierra de La Contraviesa, which separates it from the sea.

Lobras, with a population of 140 inhabitants is divided in three main towns: Lobras, the largest of them, Tímar and El Cortijo de los Morones; and other farmhouses scattered throughout the municipality. The first two are located on the south side of Sierra Nevada while Los Morenes is located on the north side of La Contraviesa.

Lobras is a pictures que lanscape that still retains the air of past times. Lobras is a fantastic place to develop your senses, you can enjoy sounds, silence, scents, colors, food and of course the warmth of its people. From every corner of this small town, we make an extended invitation to everyone wishing to visit a different place with unique senses in all aspects.

Silk as an historic tradition in Lobras

Lobras and Timar also have a unique history in terms of moral cultivation for silk production. Cadastre Marques of La Ensenada in 1752 wrote about the production of  La Alpujarra Granadina. In those Surveying and Demarcation books, it is reflected how in the distribution of irrigated lands and gardens were awarded only the land, but not the mulberry and olive trees that were planted. The distribution of mulberry trees was made attending to the amount of leaf that trees could produce, for the sufficiently amount of leaf was distributed to each settler so they could raise two ounces of silk breeding. Thus, sometimes, the owner of the land was not the same person that the owner of the mulberry and olives trees so they could not receive the same benefits.

The tradition of silk production in Lobras has continued until the 40s of the last century.

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